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Welcome to Gethsemani Farms Welcome to Gethsemani Farms Welcome to Gethsemani Farms

Gethsemani Farms

Since 1848, when 44 Trappist monks from the Abbey of Melleray in western France made themselves a new home in the hills of central Kentucky, Gethsemani has been a hardworking community. Supporting themselves at first by farming, the monks now depend on their mail-order sales of homemade fruitcake, cheese and fudge.

MONKS ROAD - Gethsemani Into the Twenty-First Century

Item No. 90201

Price $24.95

Text "FROM DESERT TO CLOISTER" by Michael Casey OCSO; Text "FROM THE OLD WORLD TO THE NEW" by Clyde F Crews; With 160 photos


Item No. 90701

Price $49.95

One of a kind oil lamp, perfect for a storm. These oil lamps are made by local potter Matthew Gaddie. Each is hand thrown, decorated and painstakingly loaded into the kiln. These oil lamps are not only a one of a kind keepsake they are also very functional.

Basket and 6 Soap Bars

Item No. 90065

Price $28.95

Amish basket w/liner plus 6 bars Amish soap, (4oz) each of: Honey Oatmeal, Cucumber Lime, Lavender , Green Aloe Vera, Sandalwood, and Patchouli - Basket and Six Soap Bars

Fruitcake, Fudge, Coffee, & Strawberry Preserve

Item No. 117

Price $29.95

Includes one 12 oz. tray of Classic Chocolate Fudge, one 10 oz. wedge of our famous Fruitcake, one 8 oz. Mocha java Coffee, and one 12 oz. Trappist Strawberry Preserve - all individually packaged

Gethsemani Farms Trivet

Item No. 90715

Price $9.95

Round Trivet with Gethsemani Farms Logo "ORA ET LABORA" (Pray and Work) For over 30 years Br Julian Wallace worked six days a week making these hand-crafted, yellow poplar wood items. A supply was found after his death and we are offering them now on our WEB store.

Handmade Wooden Box with 2-12 oz Chocolate Bourbon Fudge

Item No. 4726

Price $39.95

Handmade Gethsemani Farms - Yellow Poplar - Wooden Box with 2-12oz Chocolate Bourbon Fudge

S A L E : 3 * B A R * PACK Patchouli Soap

Item No. 90026

Price $5.00

Patchouli Soap 4 oz. bar (3)

2-12 oz Lemon Drop Fudge

Item No. 4444

Price $27.95

2-12 oz. trays of Lemon Drop Fudge individually packaged

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