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Welcome to Gethsemani Farms Welcome to Gethsemani Farms Welcome to Gethsemani Farms

Gethsemani Farms

Since 1848, when 44 Trappist monks from the Abbey of Melleray in western France made themselves a new home in the hills of central Kentucky, Gethsemani has been a hardworking community. Supporting themselves at first by farming, the monks now depend on their mail-order sales of homemade fruitcake, cheese and fudge.

MONKS ROAD - Gethsemani Into the Twenty-First Century

Item No. 90201

Price $24.95

Text "FROM DESERT TO CLOISTER" by Michael Casey OCSO; Text "FROM THE OLD WORLD TO THE NEW" by Clyde F Crews; With 160 photos

Gethsemani Farms Trivet

Item No. 90715

Price $9.95

Round Trivet with Gethsemani Farms Logo "ORA ET LABORA" (Pray and Work) For over 30 years Br Julian Wallace worked six days a week making these hand-crafted, yellow poplar wood items. A supply was found after his death and we are offering them now on our WEB store.

2 1/2 lb Kentucky Bourbon Fruitcake

Item No. 250

Price $43.95

Our prize winning 2 1/2 lb Kentucky Bourbon Fruitcake

One 6 oz. wedge each of Herbs de Provence, Garlic and Chives, Spicy Italian, and Ambrose.

Item No. 16

Price $30.50

A new line of cheese developed at Gethsemani Farms by taking a young cheese and crusting it in herbs and allowing it to mature for a couple of months creating an artisan cheese that is packed with flavor but kind to the palate. Also included in this selection is a wedge of young cheese that has been slightly aged to produce a pleasant tangy flavor that makes a great starter for this selection. We call it Ambrose.

The Poetry of a Soul - A Monk's Story(DVD)

Item No. 6

Price $19.50

The Spiritual Journey of Fr. Matthew Kelty. A DVD produced by Morgan Atkinson.

Chocolate Mint Julep Bourbon Fudge-1 lb box

Item No. 81

Price $23.95

1lb Chocolate Mint Julep Bourbon Fudge

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